Our Team

Rob Creemers 2
Robert Creemers

Robert Creemers is the founding director of APS with over 30 years experience in project management in the property refurbishment industry. He has been involved in the majority of major contracts APS has undertaken and loves a difficult challenge and has a science degree from Massey University. His interests include family, motorbikes (all sorts) and fitness.

David Karam2
David Karam
General Manager

David is the General Manager of APS. He joined the company in 2004 and is involved with all aspects of the business; in particular roof access and height safety systems. Prior to joining APS, David was the National Operations Manager for a building supplies retailer. Formerly an officer in the Army Engineers, he has managed several national and international projects. David’s interests include rugby, hunting and "going bush".

Mike Regan 2
Mike Regan
Finance Manager

Mike joined APS as the Finance and Administration Manager in 2010. An experienced accountant, Mike brings extensive experience in Senior Finance and Administration having managed both large and medium teams. More recently, Mike was involved in a project based installation company. Family orientated, Mike enjoys socialising with keen interests in rugby, water sports and fishing.

Samuel (Sam) Owens
Senior Sales Manager

Samuel is the Senior Sales Manager for APS and joined the company in 2021. He is involved in bringing the Sales Team together with synergy, precision, and a commitment to a high-quality delivery of tenders.
Samuel comes from a very experienced background in Commercial Construction, Civil Infrastructure and Commercial fitout work, with over 15 years’ experience in all facets of construction-based work. His interests include spending time with his young family, Fishing and Surfing.

Steven Paul2
Steven Paul
Client Manager (National)

Steven Paul is the National Client Manager for APS, having been with the company since 2002. Steven deals with all our national-based clients, including banks, retail chains and property managers, involving all forms of property maintenance and nationwide rebrands for clients. Prior to joining APS, he was an account manager for a financial services company for three years, and was involved in an insurance reinstatement business for eleven years. His interests include sailing, golf and socialising.

James Hollingshead
James Hollingshead
Sales Manager - WBOP

James has been in the construction industry for many years, starting work for his father’s property development company when he was 16. After discovering his love for abseiling, he went on to work for a rope access company in the UK, specialising in restoration of historic buildings. He made the move to NZ in 2013 to work for a company specialising in bridge and cliff stabilisation from earthquake damage. James joined the Waikato division of APS as leading hand for the abseiling team, and quickly rose through APS’s internal training scheme to become the client manager for the region. In his spare time, James enjoys weight-lifting as he trains for powerlifting competitions. He is dedicated to his training, and puts this dedication into his new role for APS.

Andrea Donato 2
Andrea Donato
Client Manager

Of Roman decent, Andrea (pronounced On-Drey-A) brings a cultured history of experience, and Italian charm. A qualified rope access technician, Andrea has over 10 years’ experience in rope access, and 7 solid years within the APS abseiling team. Focusing solely on the sales end of the business now, Andrea expends extra energy on surfing, sailing and unsurprisingly, climbing.

Dom 1
Dominic Pearson
Client Manager - Wai/BOP

Dom has been in and around the building industry, primarily in the painting field for 25 years, both here in New Zealand, and abroad. He is a keen family man with a wife and two kids, and his hobbies include surfing, trail running and anything outdoors.

Bryce Legg
Client Manager

Bryce recently joined APS having worked the last year in operations for an Exterior Painting & Plastering business. He recently returned home to Auckland after 9 years in Perth, Western Australia,
where he worked largely in the new commercial painting industry. His interests are Golf, Fishing, Rugby and spending time with his friends and family.

Joe Watene
Client Manager

I have been in the Roofing Industry for the past 16 years. With knowledge of both Operations and Account Management I have a good insight to all aspects of Metal and Concrete Roofing.

I have recently returned from Melbourne Australia where I looked after one of Victoria’s leading Roofing Installation companies. Interests outside of golf include spending time with my young family and playing golf in my spare time.

Mellissa Aish
Client Manager - Waikato/BOP

Mellissa has been involved in the painting and wall papering industry for the past 17 years, with experience in sales, decorative coating specification , management, and product application.

Fraser Hepburn
Senior Client Manager

Hailing from Scotland, Fraser has spent the last 15 years working as a Commercial Project Manager in various areas of New Zealand and the world. Projects have ranged from $2 million to $200 Million and as such he brings a wealth of experience in management and problem solving.
Recently relocated from Queenstown, Fraser likes to spend time boxing, playing soccer and training in the gym with his fiancée and relaxing with their dogs.

James Brooking
Client Manager

James decided to make the change from a Head Chef in a busy Wellington restaurant to APS’s waterproofing division 6 years ago. From there he acquired his love for abseiling and joined the height team. Through organic growth he has set his eyes on a different challenge of client manager. James enjoys fishing, rugby league and spending his time with his wife and two young kids.

Ian Durham
Senior Marketing Manager

Ian joined APS in 2016 as Sales Manager. He has a background in the health sector, where responsibilities included Contract Management, Project Manager, Client Relationship Management and Sales Management. Ian's hobbies include time with family and friends, and all sports- especially expensive ones like golf and skiing.

Sarah Stewart 2
Sarah Stewart
Business Development Manager

With 10 years of high level customer and client management, Sarah joined APS in 2018 to develop the business in both sales and marketing capacities. Having experience in the gift, paint, and PR industries, she has a dynamic understanding of the sales platform, bringing with her treasured established relationships. In her spare time, Sarah loves cheering on her son at sport games, hanging out with friends, and spending time with her family.

Nita Wetti
Nita Wetti
Key Account Manager

Nita joined APS in 2020, having spent several years managing a busy CBD sales team in the print industry. Her background also includes working in legal firms specialising in criminal and insurance litigation, and as a Hansard Reporter in Parliament. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her busy family, trail running around NZ, and a gutsy Aussie Shiraz.

Kevin Clifton
Kevin Clifton
Senior Technical Manager

Kevin Clifton started with APS in 2001, experienced in factory management, and vinyl and leather repair. He holds a coachbuilder trade certificate. Kevin is predominantly involved in multi-trade contracts, with a significant waterproofing component. His interests include boating, fishing and time with family.

Brad D
Brad Douglas
Technical Manager - Building

Brad has 31 years experience as a qualified carpenter. Brad joined APS in 2001 working as a carpenter, and has managed some of APS’s larger building contracts throughout the years. His interests include family, fishing, guitar, and music.

Jim Go
Jim Gordon
Quantity Surveyor

Jim started his career as a rifleman in the 1st Battalion of the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment. After deciding he had done his dash in the infantry, he completed a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Economics at UNITEC, graduating in 2013. After a stint in London, he returned to NZ and started a job as a Professional Quantity Surveyor, where he worked for 5 years before joining APS. During this period, he was heavily involved in weathertightness remediation, giving him an in-depth understanding of the process, costs and contract administration. His interests include exercise, martial arts, traveling, and food.

Kelvin Purnell 2
Kelvin Purnell
Technical Manager - Engineering

Kelvin has been in the engineering industry for 20 years. After leaving school, he began an apprentiship as a fitter and turner with a marine company. Joining APS in 2009 as an Engineer Contractor, he then in 2016 moved into Project Management and Sales Support. Kelvin has a passion for design work and fabrication. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, hunting, and fishing.

Vic Marr
Vic Marr
Senior Operations Manager

Vic started with APS in 1992. In his role as Operations Manager, he is responsible for the co-ordination of all the painting and multi-trade contracts. Vic’s previous experience includes working as a diesel mechanic and workshop manager. His interests include family, fishing, diving, and sailing.

Richie 1
Richie Brunton
WBOP Operations Manager

Richie has had previous experience in the painting trade for 8 years, as well as exterior plastering and waterproofing. He previously worked for Wattyl paints as a trade sales representative. Richie’s interests include family, diving, and fishing

Simon Coombes
National Operations Manager

Simon Coombes has been with APS since 1999, and handles nationwide projects. He has managed some of APS' largest contracts, and is experienced in all facets of project management. Previously Simon was involved in a photography business, painting contracting, and building management. He holds a science degree, and his interests include family, photography, and soccer.

Nick Russo
Auckland (Painting/Cleaning) - Operations Manager

Starting with APS in 1994, Nick is a Project Manager with a wide range of experience across many sectors of the construction industry, including height, paint, and interior refurbishments, and working on large multi-trade projects with budgets between $1-3 million. Nicks interests include football, coaching, travel, and family.

Stewart Taylor
Auckland (Building/Engineering) - Operations Manager

Stewart Taylor is a qualified builder, with 24 years experience in the building industry. He joined the APS project management team in 2007, and mostly manages multi-trade and height safety projects. Stewart previously had his own business renovating old homes, bungalows, and villas. Stewart’s interests include rugby, surfing, family, and having a good laugh.

Morgan Butt
Auckland (Waterproofing/Height Safety) - Operations Manager

Morgan has been with APS since 2010 in the waterproofing team, and in 2018 Morgan became a project manager. He has experience in the waterproofing and roofing areas. Outside of work, Morgan enjoys mountain biking, surfing, anything else outdoors, and spending time with his young family.

Adam D big
Adam Day
Auckland (Roofing) - Operations Manager

Adam came to APS in 2014 with 15 years of roofing behind him, both in Australia and New Zealand. Adam was a leading hand in the roofing division for two years, before becoming our roofing Project Manager in April of 2016. In his spare time, Adam enjoys all things outdoors; especially fishing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, golf, and rugby.

Richard Edgar
Project Manager

Richard started with APS in 2005 working as a qualified builder, being appointed to Project Manager in 2008. He has 12 years of building trade experience in both Ireland, his home country and New Zealand. Richard’s interests include family, church, hunting, rugby, and surfing.

Mark Lanning 2
Mark Lanning
Project Manager

Mark has been in the painting Industry for 23 years, and brings a wealth of experience to APS, having project managed numerous commercial and residential painting projects. His interests include rugby, fishing, and family.

Paul Gent
Project Manager

Originally from England, Paul has a wealth of experience working at height, having been a Paratrooper in the British Army, before moving to New Zealand in 2010. A painter and plasterer in a past life, Paul brought this experience to join APS in 2014 as an abseiler, and now heads up the height safety division. A keen rock climber, Paul spends as much of his spare time at height as he does at work, and when not scaling cliffs, he can be found surfing, Thai boxing, or spear-fishing.

Haley Nambiar
Project Manager - National

Haley started with APS in 2011, where she held numerous roles. In 2016 she went and pursued a job in Project Management outside of APS. Haley has since re-joined APS in March 2017 as a Project Manager for the National Division. In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors, painting, and spending time with family.

Brendon 1
Brendon Bowie
Project Manager - Waikato/BOP

Brendon has worked in the abseil and height industry for the last 16 years, 13 of which with APS. He has a vast knowledge of all height areas, including anchors and safety line installations. In his spare time, he enjoys most sports, though most notably, fishing.

Dylan McKenzie
Project Manager

Dylan has been in the building industry for over 20 years, with a multi-trade background, recladding residential buildings in Auckland city over the last few years. He has also covered maintenance contracts to Housing Corp and likes to dabble in small carpentry works, such as unique display units and cupboards. He likes to spend his spare time surfing, kite surfing, fishing (if someone has a boat), as well as catching up with friends.

Lincoln Waine
Project Manager - WBOP

Lincoln has been in the painting industry since he left college in 2007, starting with APS in 2012. Here he learned to work as a multi-trade leading hand for the Waikato Abseil team. Lincoln left APS in 2018 to work as a team leader for a facilities maintenance company, coming back to APS in mid-2019, transitioning into the project management team. He enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and daughter, doing volunteer work, going snowboarding, wakeboarding, and training at the gym.

Rikki Velk
Rikki Velk
Project Manager

Rikki was born and raised in Auckland, enjoying fishing, diving, hunting, sports, and the gym- basically anything physical. He worked as a builder for 15 years, working on various jobs such as light commercial, new builds and renovations. He ran his own company for 3 years, giving this up after his daughter's birth.

David Humphry FINAL 2 2
David Humphry
Project Manager

David has 16 years’ experience within the construction industry where he has moved through different sectors. David’s experience includes works on a range of commercial buildings including, heritage buildings, retirement villages, apartment blocks and shopping centres. David has experience in foundations and piling, restoration including painting, roofing and waterproofing, of existing buildings.

Originally from South Africa, David and his family made the bold move to NZ to start their new lives here. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in Project Management and trade knowledge to his role at APS. His hobbies include diving, surfing, motocross, and field sports such as rugby and football.

Buks Kruger
Project Manager

I have been working in the Petrochemical industry for 22 years. As part of my experience, I started as a welder and progressed to a structural, ASME welder (1999-2009). I then moved to a supervisor role, after which I started in the QA/QC department. I have 11 years experience as a welding inspector on new fabrication as well as maintenance projects, running plants as well as newly built projects in the oil and gas sector. I am passionate about my trade, a fast learner, focused and dedicated. As a father of two young children, I take my work and the responsibilities that go with it very seriously. In my spare time i like playing golf, fishing and riding off roads.

Warren Final 3
Warren Newman
Project Manager

Warren has been in the building industry for 40 years and has a wide range of experience across the construction industry including boat building, cabinet making, shop fitouts and construction.
He joined APS in 2013 as a foreman after being self employed for a number of years and has been involved in the recladding of leaky buildings in and around Auckland.

Warren’s interests include fishing, family, and travel.

Rosie 1
Rosie Neale
Project Manager

Rosie is from Wales and has relocated to New Zealand in June 2018. She has joined APS as the National Contract Coordinator and recently appointed as the UoA Project Manager. In her free time she enjoys watching rugby, walking, and wine tasting.

Tania S 2
Tania Sharples
Senior Business Services Manager

Tania joined APS in 2012 as PA to Operations, and in 2018 moved into the role of Support Services manager. Tania comes from a background in the IT sector, where she has always been involved in Administration roles. In her free time she enjoys socialising, time with family, fishing, and hitting a golf ball around.

Paula Lolesi 2
Paula Lolesi
Office Manager

Paula has been with APS since 2008, and is the glue that keeps the office together. She offers a friendly, helpful service to visitors at APS. Her interests are spending time with family, shopping, and going to the gym. Paula is a big supporter of the Warriors

Ming Phoon2
Ming Phoon
Environment/Health&Safety & Training Coordinator

Ming joined APS in 2014, and prior to APS she worked in the international education with experience in management, elearning and online content systems admin, internal & ERO audits, and teaching in Auckland and overseas. Ming enjoys reformer pilates, and exploring the many playgrounds with her young family.

Dallas Ratima
Dallas Ratima
Logistics Manager

Dallas joined APS as the Logistics Manager in June 2020. Dallas had spent the last 15 years managing heavy transport fleets and warehouses in the transport & logistics industry. Previously a member of The NZ Army Dallas served on operational tours to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bougainville and East Timor. Dallas’ interests include almost all team sport, golf and spending time with friends and family.

Linda Pogson
Accounts Payable

Linda has been managing the accounts payable module since 2001. Being articulate by nature, Linda has proved to be a great liaison between APS staff and creditors. Linda’s interests include running, gym, and her family.

Halie McKay 2
Halie McKay
Business Services Coordinator

Halie joined the APS family in January 2014 as Accounts Receivable/PA to the Auckland Sales team her current role is Height Safety Support/Accounts Receivable . Halie brings over 15 years of office administration experience with her to APS. Away from work, Halie enjoys quality time with her son, keeping fit, and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

Rachel Townshend
Rachel Townshead
Business Services Coordinator - Waikato/BOP

Rachel joined APS in 2018 as Project Coordinator to the WBOP team. Rachel has worked in corporate companies in mainly Personal Assistant roles, and her interests include health and fitness, family, and is a big lover of animals.

christy better 3
Christy Lambert
Marketing Assistant

Christy came from a medical background and is a Registered Nurse. She has 8 years of local and International administration experience working for different corporate companies. Aside from PA roles, she has also done Event management and Accounts.
Christy enjoys traveling and cruising around the world with her husband, visiting wineries with friends, watching movies, and baking and roller skating in her spare time.

Jessica Enoka
Business Services Coordinator

Recently returning home to NZ after living abroad for 13 years. My previous roles include 8 years in both Warehouse Logistics Administration and Accounts Payable. Jessica enjoys good food and wine, Live music, exploring and quality time with friends and Whanau.

Nadine Ashworth
Accounts Payable/Payroll

Nadine comes from a varied background in accounts payable and receivable as well as office management, ranging across multiple industries including Branding and Creative Design to Liquor Retail and Manufacturing.
Her interests include good food and wine, making cakes, fashion and ferrying about her four children across Auckland and beyond.

Candice Van Wyk
National Coordinator

Candice joined APS in 2020, with 10 years’ experience in the remote sensing ,environmental science and engineering sectors. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, traversing through NZ, cooking and has found an appreciation for home interior decorating projects.

Deepa Sharma
Payroll Administrator

Deepa joined APS in 2021 and has 20 years’ of Experience in Accounting and Administration in Manufacturing , wholesale and Retail Industry. Her interest are music and dancing, engaging in outdoor activities with Family and Friends .

Kelly Crang-Parsons
Business Services Administrator

Kelly comes from a vehicle logistics background. She loves spending time socialising with family and friends. Her interests include fitness, Music, fishing and anything outdoors.

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